Facility Assessment

QSO-24-13-NH revised guidance as part of the federal staffing mandate.

CMS issued guidance on June 18 on the Facility Assessment that is part of the staffing mandate rule. The lawsuits challenging the federal staffing mandate do not stop the Facility Assessment requirement. Skilled nursing facilities must complete this Facility Assessment by August 8, 2024.

AHCA has prepared a slide presentation, a brief, and an editable Facility Assessment checklist for members to use. 

AHCA notes the following: Areas added to the guidance to determine compliance include but are not limited to the following: 

  • The facility assessment includes an evaluation of the resident population, and its needs (e.g., acuity) based on evidence-based, data driven methods.  
  • The facility assessment reflects the population.   
  • The facility assessment addresses the facility’s resident capacity. 
  • The facility assessment includes information on the staffing level(s) needed for specific shifts, such as day, evening, and night and adjusted as necessary based on changes to resident population. 
  • The facility assessment addresses what skills and competencies are required by those providing care. 
  • The facility assessment is conducted with input from the individuals stated in the regulation (483.71(b)) 
  • The facility assessment indicates what resources, including but not limited to, equipment, supplies, services, personnel, health information technology, and physical environment are required to meet all resident needs. 
  • The facility has a plan for maximizing recruitment and retention of direct care staff. 
  • The facility assessment includes a contingency plan that is informed by the facility assessment. 


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