Gov. Carney Issues New COVID-19 Restrictions, Go In Effect Dec. 14-Jan. 11

As new cases and hospitalizations grow, Governor Carney issued new COVID-19 restrictions to help mitigate the winter surge. The restrictions, that go into effect December 14 through January 11, include: 

  • Businesses above 100,000 square feet are limited to 20 percent of stated fire capacity.
  • All other businesses, including most retail stores and all restaurants, are limited to 30 percent of stated fire capacity.
  • Retail below 5,000 square feet, all Houses of Worship, and funeral services are limited to 40 percent of stated fire capacity.
  • A 10 p.m. curfew will be imposed at Delaware restaurants and bars. **Restaurants can deliver past 10 p.m.
  • Exercise classes at gyms are limited to 10 people and individuals who are not part of the same household must remain at least 13 feet apart during classes.
  • Indoor gatherings at businesses or indoor spaces open to the public must be limited to the lesser of 30 percent of the venue’s stated fire capacity, or 10 people

Employees are excluded in the capacity calculation. This fourth revision to the omnibus emergency order also formally authorizes the stay-at-home advisory and universal mask mandate. The mask mandate says that everyone must wear masks at any indoor space with anyone outside their household. 

Read the emergency order:  Fourth-Revision-to-the-27th-Modification-of-the-Declaration-of-a-SOE-State-of-Delaware-12.10.20.