Governor Carney Issues Revision and Formally Extends Public Health Emergency

Governor Carney on Thursday issued a revision to the Public Health Emergency order and extended the order another 30 days to allow the State of Delaware and medical providers to continue COVID-19 vaccination and testing programs, ​and to allow continued staffing flexibility at hospitals and long-term care facilities. This does include the flexibility in the 3.28 ratio as well as the use of out-of-state licensed staff and temporary nurse aides.

The revision enables the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services to maintain the State of Delaware’s eligibility ​for low-income Delawareans to continue receiving enhanced federal food benefits.

Under Delaware law, Public Health Emergency declarations must be renewed every 30 days. 

Click here for Governor Carney’s Public Health Emergency revision. 

Click here for Governor Carney’s Public Health Emergency extension. 

Click here for the Joint DHSS-DEMA Order with Staffing Waiver Information

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