Vaccine Prompts CDC Update of LTC Guidance for Visitors and Dining

The Center for Disease Control has updated its guidance for LTC providers on masking, visitation, and dining that hinges on individuals’ vaccination status. These updates include:

  • When both resident/patient and all visitors are fully vaccinated, they can have close contact and go maskless if along in the resident’s room or designed visiting room.
  • All visitors would continue to wear masks and physically distance themselves from other healthcare workers, residents/patients, and visitors who are not part of their group.
  • Patients/residents may choose to have close contact with their unvaccinated visitors if both resident and visitor are masked (However, CDC notes that the safest approach with unvaccinated visitors is to remain socially distanced and masked).
  • If all patients/residents are fully vaccinated, they may choose to participate in group activities without distancing/masking; however, if unvaccinated patients/residents are present, then all should continue to distance and wear masks. This same recommendation applies to communal dining.

For the complete guidance on these updates, as well as testing, work restrictions on asymptomatic healthcare personnel, and quarantine for asymptomatic patients/residents, click here.

CMS also updated its nursing home visitation guidance document in accordance with CDC’s revised guidance. QSO 20-39-NH Visitation REVISED


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