State Health Operations Center (SHOC) to Hold Weekly Call, Issues Updates on Forms/Requests

The State Health Operations Center (SHOC) is inviting Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities to join in a weekly call on Fridays at 11 am to get updates on the latest COVID-19 information. DCHFA members can find the call-in details under Member Resources>Webinars/Forms. Members will need to login to access the information.

SHOC has issued a status update form for SNFs and ALFs to submit Wednesday by 4:30 pm until further notice. Submit via email:
SHOC Status Update

Communicable disease reporting requirements remain unchanged. Please direct questions or issues related to patient exposure to the Office of Epidemiology at 888-295-5156.

SHOC has a form with instructions available for requesting additional supplies (PPE, etc). When submitting the form, you need to provide the following information:

  • Documentation from your normal PPE supplier stating they are unable to fulfill PPE supply requests.
  • Signed N95 acceptance letter returned should you be requesting N95 respirators (2nd page of policy)
  • Has your agency been fit tested for N95 respirators in the past?  If so, please specify which model.  If not, and you are requesting 3M N95 respirators, please identity the model number: 1860 or 1870?
  • What is your average weekly patient census?

Submit this form:  SHOC Resource Request Form    along with the supporting information above to:

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