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No One Wants Pizza: A Different Approach to Recruitment and Retention

Founder and CEO, Copernicus, Inc.

The staffing crisis has created tremendous tension between leadership and frontline staff. Many times, leaders feel like they are being held hostage by employees who take advantage of staff shortages. Frontline staff often feel that “incentives” like pizza and water bottles make light of the fear and distress created by the pandemic. This does nothing to resolve staffing issues. When we talk about “plugging holes” in a staffing schedule, what impact does that phrase have on staff? While we certainly do not mean anything derogatory when we use these words, how would you feel if you were the person being “plugged into a hole”? To staff, this phrase can mean that as healthcare workers, they are simply interchangeable cogs in the nursing staffing wheel rather than people with individual values, skills, and competencies. As a result, staff absences increase, and workers begin to look for jobs that are better paid and require less risk and stress.

As we move into this “new normal” and grapple with the recruitment and retention crisis, what are some of the best ways to inspire and motivate staff to stay?
This interactive, discussion-based session provides a setting to explore some of the basic needs for employees to feel fulfilled in their positions. It examines staff perceptions of leadership’s expectations and actions and the way that the staffing crisis is impacting them. Leadership styles and approaches, and their intersection with employee perceptions and attitudes will be considered. Learning objectives include:

  • Explore the ways in which frontline staff feel valued, supported, and heard and its influence on recruitment and retention,
  • Examine methods and approaches in overcoming obstacles and hostility, as well as the impediments in the way that top leadership and frontline staff perceive engagement with one another,
  • Identify skills and approaches that can begin to improve recruitment and retention

Target audience: Skilled nursing and assisted living leadership including, but not limited to CEOs, COOs, Executive Directors, Administrators, and Department Leaders


Immediately following the education program, DHCFA invites all long-term care providers and service providers to a networking social, 4:30-6 pm. The social is included for conference attendees; the cost for the social only is $45 for members and $60 for non members. Download Registration Form Here

Conference sponsorships and hi-top cocktail round “meet and greet” tables are available on a limited basis. Download form here.